Kate Gremillion Mavenly

Letter from our Founder

It started in a high-rise office building of a PR agency in downtown Dallas. A silent panic attack.

I was having a breakdown.

You see, I spent four years in college doing all the right things, getting all the right internships, and winning all the right awards so I could have the career of my dreams. I had hopes, dreams, aspirations, and more importantly - a plan.

We love plans, don’t we?

Well, right before I graduated college, I was offered a position as a traveling consultant for my sorority where I would have the chance to travel the country meeting young women, and with a great deal of hesitation I decided to take a slight detour in the plan (I could go work for a big PR agency anytime, right?) and take this opportunity. And thank goodness I did.

I had a transformational year of travel having conversations with some of the most incredible women I had ever meet, but I still loved my plan. I had worked hard in college for my plan so I thought I owed it to myself to follow it. Needless to say, I secured a job at an amazing PR agency with great coworkers and top-notch clients.

And I hated it.

I found myself asking…
‘Is this it?’
‘Is this my idea of success?’
‘Will I spend the majority of my life in these four walls?’
‘Is this really what I was born to do?!’
(I know. I know. Dramatic, but the struggle felt very real.)

I decided to take a different job doing communication for a company remotely, while I rolled up my sleeves and talked to every woman I knew who I deemed successful in their careers. I quickly realized that finding out about their resumes or their awards didn’t do me much good. What I really wanted to know was what their days looked like, how they spent their time, what they looked forward to every day, what wasn’t so fun about their job, and what made them feel successful.

After about six months of conversations over Skype and coffee dates, I realized I was sitting on a wealth of information that wasn’t truly being shared anywhere else in a meaningful way. I would talk to friends of mine in the work force who had real questions and real concerns, and found myself making connections for them and sharing advice from the women I spoke with.

I then came to realize there was a major disconnect between the women who had this information and were willing to share and the women in desperate need of this information who didn’t know where to find it. When these young women needed to have conversations about starting a company, changing jobs, or finding their purpose, they were being force-fed Facebook articles about potatoes that look like Channing Tatum and 10 ways that Blue Ivy is better than them at the age of two.

I thought there had to be a way to connect these women to ultimately support each other through meaningful relationships.

So as a good student of communication, I turned to my college journalist friends and enlisted their help in telling these stories. Then I realized not only were the stories of these successful women helpful, but the thousands of stories I heard from college women while I was on the road were incredibly thought provoking, meaningful and needed to be shared as well.

After a few more months of coffee, emails, meetings, and phone calls - Mavenly + Co. was born.

Our mission became clear. We needed to come together as a community and be a voice for women with big dreams, but real needs -- women who are caught in a constant battle between ambition and anxiety. It was evident that learning how to align values with priorities and actions wasn’t something that was being taught to many of us in college, a skill that wasn’t being honed, which meant there were lives that weren’t being lived authentically and stories that weren’t being told fully -- and life is too precious to live any life other than your own.

Mavenly + Co. is a community for you. I hope that you will find as much value in Mavenly as it has given me. Connecting with you and your story is one of the greatest joys of my life. It’s where I find hope, meaning, intention, and energy to keep going. My greatest dream is that you will share yourself and your story with us, for I have no doubt that it will create meaning and value beyond what you could ever imagine, not just for yourself, but for all of us who are on this journey with you.

All of us here at Mavenly + Co. are committed to giving you the resources and skill set you need to live your most authentic and intentional life by your own design. Thank you for joining us.

Rock This Week,