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What we know about the Freelancer

First, congrats! There are so many great things about a freelancer path. Freelancers are known for being flexible, passionate, and great at project management skill. Not to mention almost always winning the 'works well with others' award. How awesome! We want to help you cultivate all of these characteristics and flex that freelance muscle. So here is some content and tools for you, you Freelancer. 


Resources + Next Steps for The Freelancer

If you have a freelance mindset, you are naturally asking 'so what's next?!' Great question. If you are looking for resources to help you streamline your freelance work, this is your toolkit. If you have a freelance business that's chugging along but you think it might be time for a makeover or revamp, you might want to check out our Brand Upgrade program.

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Podcast for the Freelancer

Pricing your work for profit with Shanna Skidmore here and Creating

Getting the work you want with Natalie Davis here


Blog Post for the Freelancer

Adding time back into your day here


Question for Reflection

How will you level up to get more of the work you love and get paid what you’re worth?