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The Full timer

full timer

What we know about the Full Timer

There are so many great things about being a Full Timer. As we mentioned, most times you have a clear work schedule, guaranteed salary, and maybe even benefits and a 401K!  What's not to like? Did you know the #1 thing employees are looking for in their career is an opportunity for growth and development? It's true. We want to help you continue to grow in your full time role. So here's some content and tools for you, you Full Timer. 


Resources + Next Steps for The Full Timer

You may be asking yourself 'so what now?!' Great question. Maybe you are still looking for a specific industry or career to unleash your strengths and skills on; if so, you'll want to check out Career Clarity

If you have an idea of the industry and career you really want in your next step, you might want to check out this toolkit. It's going to make getting hired more exciting and fun, we promise.

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Podcasts for the Full Timer

Having tough conversations at work with Kate Gremillion here

Dealing with people pleasing and standing up for yourself at work with Amy Smith here 


Blog Posts for the Full Timer

What I learned from having coffee with senior managers here 

Making changes at work here


Question for Reflection

 If your manager asked you what you would need to stay engaged and fulfilled in your job for another five years, what would you say?