Mavenly Workshops

Mavenly workshops focus on setting women up for success as they transition into new stages in their lives. It is often in life’s in-between moments that we look for connection and support as we strive to optimize the experiences that lay ahead of us. Our team created workshops in collaboration with industry experts in positive psychology and higher education to set young women up for success in both undergraduate and professional environments.

Maven Masterclass


Maven Masterclass is a two-day workshop experience designed for young women who are transitioning into the workplace and looking to navigate postgraduate life with purpose and intention. Our team of higher education and positive psychology professionals developed an experience that seeks to cultivate an understanding of how to confidently approach life decisions and design a lifestyle that feels authentic, engaging, and meaningful. 

The workshop covers topics that include making values-based decisions, honing resiliency and coping skills, finding ways to assess your career goals, and preparing for strategic negotiations. Ultimately, Maven Masterclass seeks to empower women with the tools they need to build a life path that speaks to big dreams grounded in real needs.



MavenU is two-day workshop experience designed for young women who are transitioning into college and looking to make the most of their university experience. Our team of higher education and positive psychology professionals developed an experience that seeks to develop skills to prepare women for the challenges that the college experience may bring. Some of these skills include creating intentional habits, making informed decisions, analyzing values and priorities, and utilizing personal strengths that will allow young women to invest in themselves and optimize their experiences. 

Our goal is to support women in cultivating a mindset, or way of thinking, that will set them up for success in the undergraduate environment and beyond. The MavenU experience seeks to do this through facilitating experiential activities and introducing concepts for real-world application. 

Maven Mindset

At Mavenly & Co., we empower women to create a lifestyle by their own design. We believe that a lifestyle by your own design looks something like this: making informed decisions and building intentional habits that stem from self-awareness rooted in our values, strengths, and priorities. By knowing and understanding our unique values, strengths, and priorities, we can think more critically about the world around us and more confidently make decisions and build habits that are right for us as individuals.

Our philosophy is based in principles of positive psychology, which focuses on enhancing our strengths, cultivating our best selves, and optimizing our experiences. As young women growing up, we aren’t necessarily asked what we find engaging, what brings us a sense of meaning, or simply what makes us happy. It makes sense that far too often, we look outside of ourselves for these answers, but at the end of the day, the answers come by analyzing our own values, strengths, and priorities. Once we know ourselves, we can take ownership over our lives in a way that feels more intentional, engaging, and meaningful. That’s the Mavenly way.


“Where do I even begin! My experience transitioning into the real world felt overwhelming to say the least. I knew I wanted to do something important and ambitious, but I didn’t know where to start. Mavenly + Co. gave me the confidence that I wasn’t alone in this and the resources I needed to start making strides toward my ideal career. THANK YOU! 

- Alex P.

“I’ll be honest. The questions ‘what do you want to major in?’ and ‘what do you want to do after college?’ terrified me. At 18, I had no idea what I would want to do. Mavenly doesn’t just talk about your experience, it teaches you how to use your strengths and interests to make informed decision...Every college student needs these skills.”

- Jasmine B.

“I’ve always liked having a plan and a schedule, so when I got to college I didn’t know what to do with all my free time. Mavenly taught me how to analyze my time, use it effectively and create habits that would lead me to success. It’s the roadmap I needed to make the best path for myself.”

- Christine L.