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In the market for some direction, clarity, and actionable insight?
You’re trying to navigate those early career waters. You’re networking and chasing big dreams with a cold brew in hand. You want to design a career and lifestyle with purpose. You want to find work that feels right
We know. It’s tough. But we’re here to tell you it’s possible, and it starts here.


Hi. We're Kate and Tallia, and we started Mavenly + Co. for you. 

We were the undergrads who had it all figured out...until we didn’t. You see, we met on the road traveling as collegiate development consultants for Delta Gamma. Kate wrapped up her consultant year and landed her dream PR agency job, and Tallia cracked the grad-school books to study organizational psychology. It didn’t take long for both to realize there was a void when it came to women having honest conversations about the direction of their careers and lives.

Tucked in her cubicle, Kate stared at her corporate client excel-filled screen thinking: Was this it? Was this what I’ve been working towards my whole life?

She was looking for a solution to the all-too-popular quarter life crisis while Tallia was doing her research in graduate school, studying what makes work and life meaningful. After working corporate jobs ranging from DISH Network and Ford Motor Company to The Walt Disney Company and Kravis Leadership Institute, juggling startup gigs with side hustles, and interviewing women who seemed to “have it made,” we knew one thing: we had to share what we were learning. We wanted to give women navigating the early stages of their careers the best tools for finding fulfillment and launching into their life’s work. We created a holistic approach to work and life that married Kate's business expertise with Tallia's research and academic approach. And with that, Mavenly + Co. was born.

Whether it be through our online content, in-person workshops, corporate trainings, or coaching programs, our work speaks to the needs of professional women, because when your work is serving you well, odds are your life is, too.

We’re here to serve you -- sending the elevator back down to pick you up, girl.