Mavenly Workshops

Our workshops focus on setting young women up for success as they transition into new stages of their lives. It is often in life’s in-between moments that we seek resources and support in order to optimize the experiences that lay ahead of us. We have developed workshops in collaboration with a team of higher education and positive psychology professionals to help women thrive in their work and life.

Maven Masterclass


Maven Masterclass is a two-day workshop experience designed for young women who are transitioning into the workplace or who are a few years into their careers and looking to navigate life with purpose and intention. Our team of higher education and positive psychology professionals developed an experience that seeks to cultivate an understanding of how to confidently approach life decisions and design a lifestyle that feels authentic, engaging, and meaningful.

The workshop covers topics that include making values-based decisions, honing resiliency and coping skills, finding ways to assess career goals, and preparing for strategic negotiations. Ultimately, Maven Masterclass seeks to empower women in the early stages of their career with the tools they need to build a life path that speaks to big dreams grounded in real needs.

Mavenly Mindset

Each of our workshops is based on the Mavenly Mindset, which introduces young women to a new way of thinking about their life path. This mindset empowers young women to optimize their experiences by cultivating their best selves. We believe that creating a lifestyle by your own design begins with understanding your unique values, strengths, and priorities so you can make more informed decisions and build intentional habits for the lifestyle you desire. It is with this self-awareness that we can more authentically take ownership over our lives and move forward with purpose and intention. That’s the Mavenly way.