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Making A New Plan And Moving On

I’m writing this as I sit here waiting for my (now former) boss to finish her meeting. Why am I waiting? I’ve finally built up the confidence to go into her office and give her my notice. After a year and a half of working in the field I received my degree in, I have come to realize that I do not find the level of satisfaction that I imagined sitting in an undergraduate classroom.

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UncategorizedBree Morse
My Planner Helped Me Write My Novel

I had to make working on my novel my second full-time job and a top priority. I hardly went out, and put writing before a lot of things. Thank goodness I’m single because I'm sure my boyfriend would have left me by January. Did I also mention I gave up coffee for Lent while finishing the novel? Even now, as I’m in the editing process, I am forcing myself to make a schedule, because I have to keep the momentum going. I’m encouraged every day by my friends and family who say they can’t wait to read it, or say they’ve never met someone who actually finished a book. I’m also encouraged by the fact I made one of my dreams come true, one bite at a time.

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UncategorizedAngelique Dyer
These Are The Best Ways To Build Strong Work Relationships

Show genuine interest in getting to know your coworkers. Ask how their weekend was or what they’re reading for their book club this week. They have a life outside of work, too. Creating a culture of value within your workplace is one of the most important factors in being happy on the job, and you don’t have to wait for upper management to start that trend.

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UncategorizedLora Ghawaly
The Value of Work Experience vs. the Value of a Degree

I recently went on an interview for a dream job. At the very least, I really wanted the interview so that I could gain some practice. To my surprise, it went swimmingly. I received feedback, confirming that I had nailed it. The interviewer said I “did nothing wrong.” Yet I was not offered the job. The other candidate simply “had more relevant experience.”

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Beating the Afternoon Crash at Work

It’s 2:30 p.m., and sending an email or making a call feels like climbing Mt. Everest. The coffee isn’t cutting it for me anymore, and you need to refocus and energize yourself to finish your day and complete your necessary tasks. Skip the Starbucks and try one of these tips to make your afternoon more productive without the espresso. 

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UncategorizedKelly Wonderlin
How to Apartment Hunt as a Young Woman in the City

Whether you’re searching for your first big-girl apartment in a new city or your current lease up for renewal, apartment hunting can be a daunting task. I know this firsthand, as my previous lease ended at the beginning of August, my roommate moved out and I was stuck with decisions, decisions, decisions. While apartment hunting was a bit of a rough road for me, I hope it can be easier for you by sharing my experience.

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UncategorizedKayla Butler
Tips For Being Productive While Working From Home

There are usually two reactions when you tell someone you work from home. One is, “I’m so jealous! I wish I could lay around in my PJs all day,” and the other is, “How do you do it? I don’t think I have the self-control.” While working from home has its pros and cons, there are a few ways to stay on task, get your work done and enjoy spending your day your way.

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Tips To Help With Decision Making

This is my biggest weakness. My thought process 90% of the time is: “People think I’m smart…I can’t make a wrong decision!” Truth is - everyone makes wrong decisions at some point. They key is to do everything in your power to make the most well informed decision you can. And if you still make the wrong one, at least you tried your best.

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Four Side Jobs To Help You Make Extra Cash

Sometimes you need to make a little extra cash. There are practical, achievable ways to make a little extra money each month. As you gain more savings, you may eventually be able to try some money-making activities that require up-front capital, but chances are you aren’t ready to start flipping houses straight out of the gate. Start by trying some of these first.

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How To Move On When Your Dream Fails

With that, I entered into an ugly cycle of dreaming about a career, realizing it wasn’t going to happen, falling hard for something else, and then realizing it wasn’t going to happen either. After dreaming of being the next big tooth fairy, I wanted to be a veterinarian (who can’t stand the sight of blood), a famous singer (with crippling stage fright), and a constitutional lawyer (without the actual grades to get into law school).

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