Addressing Fear + Self Doubt When Working For Yourself


Working for yourself can sometimes be a lonely path, especially if you are a solopreneur. The days can be long with deadlines and the client work can pile up. In times of stress, our minds can turn to the negative stuff like fear and self-doubt. Don’t let that creep in too far. Address those concerns head-on with these tips.

Addressing Fear + Self Doubt When Working For Yourself

1. You’re not alone. Everyone deals with self-doubt. No matter the career or community, each one of us deals with self-doubt. You do not need to try to ignore these feelings completely, but recognize that you are not the only one. Take comfort in that. Self-doubt typically creeps in right when you are on the cusp of doing something awesome, so be proactive when preparing for a big project or exciting product launch. You know it’s coming, so get ready to take it head on.

2. Flip the script. Switch up the questions circling in your head. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, focus on all of the things that could go right! While some of us worry about making the wrong move and stop ourselves from taking action, we challenge you to keep in mind that inaction has just as many consequences as action.

3. Just do it. Take some advice from Nike and just flippin’ do it. On our podcast with Benjamin Hardy, he revealed some serious wisdom. He said, “confidence doesn’t lead to successful behavior. Successful behavior is what leads to confidence.” What a gut punch. You can gain great confidence in your business just by doing. Next time you are tempted to get outside of your comfort zone - do it. You never know what it can bring or provide you!

4. Get it down on paper. When the doubt takes over, it is hard to distinguish the facts from the lies fear likes to tell us. Write down the objective facts. Make a list about what you need to do and what you are afraid of dealing with. Be practical about it. Don’t let your mind build it up into something that it is not. Our minds tend to play tricks on us when we are anxious about a situation or decision.

5. Repeat after me: Progress NOT perfection. Stop trying to decide on the right thing or the best thing for your business. Focus on moving forward and increasing your momentum, not achieving perfection because what is that anyways? With experience, you will continue to refine your business. Progress alone is something to celebrate and is a great indicator that you are moving forward and growing.

We hope that these practical action items provide you with a mindset reboot and the confidence you need to push forward! You’ve got this!

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