Beating the Afternoon Crash at Work


It’s 2:30 p.m., and sending an email or making a call feels like climbing Mt. Everest. The coffee isn’t cutting it for me anymore, and you need to refocus and energize yourself to finish your day and complete your necessary tasks. Skip the Starbucks and try one of these tips to make your afternoon more productive without the espresso.  

Take a break.

Sometimes all you need it a little change of scenery. Go for a short walk and let your mind relax so it can focus when you return. Getting out from behind your desk for even a few minutes can help with creativity and stimulating new ideas to help you push forward.

Lower the temperature.  

It’s true -- heat makes you sleepy! Working in a cool environment is really helpful. It doesn’t have to be a meat locker (in fact making it too cold might be counterproductive), but lowering the temperature in your office or home will help make you more productive and definitely less irritable when you get that last-minute request for new work.

Write down your worries.

If you are stressed out or worried about something that’s keeping you from focusing, write it down and circle back to it.  There are countless things going on in your daily life that could be taking up space in your mind that you need to dedicate to your work. I like to write down what I need to do or who I need to e-mail, and circle back to it when the day is over. While I would love to believe that we get all 24 hours in a day, we just don’t. There are only about 10 working hours in a day; use them wisely by triaging your tasks.

Turn up the jams.

There is nothing better than listening to music while you work, or even taking a short break and turning up some tunes for a little feel-good time. Listening to music can impact your productivity, and sometimes my best ideas come to me while I am listening to a song.

If you take away one piece of advice from this article it’s this…don’t let your day run you.  Run your day!

UncategorizedKelly Wonderlin