Auditing Your Instagram: A How-To Guide

Do you feel like you’re grinding your gears, putting hours into your Instagram feed, but not seeing the results, followers, and growth that you were hoping to see?

I’ve totally been there. When I first started my yes supply Instagram, I saw really slow growth. Like reeeeally slow. It's like that feeling when you’re walking behind a group of slow walkers who are holding hands in a shopping mall and all you want to do is get around them.

I really wanted to connect with people who thought and felt the same as me about empowerment and entrepreneurship, but I had no idea if these people even existed and where I could find them. I started off with no consistency, no strategy, and inevitably, no results.

When I took a step back and realized I was putting in too much time and not getting anything out of it, I decided I had to research, find out what I was doing right, and quit what I was doing wrong.

After I put my new strategy in place, I’ve seen phenomenal results. I’ve been able to grow my Instagram following to over 7,000 followers in less than a year, and that's after putting in waaaay less time into the platform than I did before. Even better, the members of my tribe are the smart, intelligent, and empowered women whom I really wanted to connect to. They believe in yes supply, love my brand, and want to join the movement.

If you feel like you’ve plateaued, or are not seeing the results you want, it’s time to audit your current strategy to get maximum results. So, here's what you should be looking for when you do an Instagram audit.

Have You Crafted a Strategy?

Having a strategy is the most important thing you can set in place. If you’re aimlessly building an Instagram with no goals, you should expect few results. When you know what you’re building your Instagram strategy to do, things become so much easier. Plus, you can measure your results.

This means that when you are building, you should know if you want to: a) sell a product, b) build your list, and/or c) raise awareness for a cause. You need to ensure that you’re using your bio and your all-important "link in bio" to introduce people to what you do, and help them take action.

Did You Choose a Color and Tone of Voice?

Having a consistent color story is what will make you look more reputable, and create a feeling that will pull people in as soon as they land on your feed. The quality, warmness or coolness of the images, the fade, the white space--these things all have to be carefully considered.

Some people use the same Instagram filter for every image to ensure consistency. Before I post a photo, I always look through the rest of my feed to ensure that the next picture I  post is inspiring, gorgeous, and fits in with the story I’m telling.

What is often overlooked is a consistent language. You want to choose language that is truly speaking to the people who you want to join your tribe. If you’re appealing to women, you would speak in a completely different way then you would if you were appealing to men.

By experimenting with the right tone, and researching how other brands in your industry use language and tone to get their point across, you’ll be able to craft your own tone and use of language that’s perfect for you.

Are You Using The Right Hashtags?

Using the hashtags on Instagram is KEY for being more discoverable, and connecting with your target audience. Ensure you are using the hashtags that the people who you most want to connect with would be searching. I wrote a in-depth article on how you can use hashtags to boost your growth on instagram here.

Are You Posting Well-Thought-Out, Balanced Content?

It’s no surprise that many companies and brands are using Instagram to boost their bottom line. But no one wants to follow a company or brand that is consistently just trying to sell to them without offering anything of value in return.

Ensure that you’re balancing the content that you put out. For every post where you are selling or promoting a product, you should aim to post at least four posts that are entertaining or educational. This way, you are still offering value to your tribe. Posts can inspire them, make them laugh, or educate them on the lifestyle your product or brand is promoting.

When you offer value, whether someone has purchased from you before or not, you are building a relationship with someone who will fall in love with your brand, and continue to follow you.

Are You Finding Your Tribe? Social Media IS social

Social media isn’t about posting a picture and running for the hills. Just like when you show up at a party, and you choose the people who you want to chat with, imagine the Instagram platform as being one giant party.

Who do you want to talk to at the party? Who will share your interests? Who will you have the most fun talking to? Who will be interested in what you do, and want to hang out at, say, the afterparty? These are the people that you want to find, strike up a conversation with a build a lasting relationship with.

This post was originally published here on yes supply co. Our team brings you interviews, articles and tools from creatives who have achieved their 'yes' in life, to help you achieve yours.