August Downloadable Wallpaper by Haley Grand


This is Haley from Haley Grand Designs with your not-so-subtle reminder to chill out.

If you’re not basking in some sweet rays of summer, maybe you’re working a little too hard…

Here’s the thing about “hustle” and “working hard.” Similar to how being “busy all the time” has become a badge of honor to some, these phrases and concepts have also been romanticized by a million plus quotes on Pinterest. (Consider this my mini-rebellion; feel free to Pin your heart out with this month’s wallpaper.)

There is nothing good about hustling. Hustling makes me think of rushing to meet deadlines, being overwhelmed with work and meetings, overextending yourself and moving a mile a minute.

Let’s slow down, okay? A little heart goes a lot further than hustle ever will.

xo Haley

Haley is a Brooklyn-based designer specializing in hand-lettered type. You can follow her on Instagram here

Haley Humiston