Is It Time To Give Up On Your Big Idea?

give up big idea new business plan

New ideas are exciting. When we get a new big idea for a business, it’s all too easy to fantasize about making your millions and quitting your day job. But how do you know when your idea is a good idea worth pursuing, or a dream that should be abandoned? It’s often hard to tell when you should keep pushing or give up on a big idea, but here are some ways to know it might be time for a new dream.  

You Are Fear-Driven, Not Passion-Driven

Passion is contagious, and it’s one reason why many CEOs and other successful individuals in business are great speakers. They had a passion for what they were doing, which led them to success. When you’re pursuing your idea solely based on the bottom line, it’s easy to focus on the wrong aspects of your business and get easily discouraged when you aren’t immediately profitable. If you are acting out of fear of what could go wrong instead of acting on your goals and values, it’s probably time to switch gears.

You Aren’t Seeing Any Progress

There are several businesses that take months or even years to become profitable. Let progress, even on a small scale, be the barometer for your success. If you’re able to map out tangible and actionable tasks to your goal, then you should probably keep going. If the only way to make your dream a reality is to win the lottery, maybe you should head back to the drawing board.

You’re The Debbie Downer

Creating a successful business requires an almost delusional amount of confidence and positivity. If you’re not your company's or your idea’s biggest cheerleader, how can you expect anyone else to jump on board? While it is important to look at your idea objectively and in a realistic way, if you find yourself criticizing your idea more than praising it, you need a new idea.

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