Tips To Help With Decision Making


As we all know, life is full of decisions. I have to admit that I am not the best at making decisions, especially big ones. However, I am learning that part of maturity is finding out how to make decisions on my own and accepting the consequences. Whether good or bad, the outcome will serve as a great learning experience for future decisions. Here are a few things I do to make decision making less stressful.  

Ask for advice

It is always a good idea to run decisions by someone who you trust. This could be a parent, friend or mentor. In my opinion, two perspectives are always better than one. However, keep in mind that involving too many advisors into your decision making process may slow you down and sink you into the analysis paralysis trap. Remember the only person who can make the decision is you, so if you receive advice that you think won't be beneficial, don't take it.

Sleep on it

Don’t get in the habit of making rushed decisions. Rushed decisions usually become regretted decisions, and one more day of contemplation rarely hurts your situation. Give yourself time to process what is at stake. Time can reveal a lot of details that you may not have considered in the beginning, and you may prevent yourself from a mistake you might regret.

Weigh your options

That's right. Make a good ol' fashion pro-con list. Be realistic with yourself about the different elements of the decision. Oftentimes writing things down helps you visualize the decision more clearly, and sometimes items can come out on paper that you weren't considering before.

Don’t fear being wrong

This is my biggest weakness. My thought process 90% of the time is: “People think I’m smart…I can’t make a wrong decision!” Truth is - everyone makes wrong decisions at some point. They key is to do everything in your power to make the most well informed decision you can. And if you still make the wrong one, at least you tried your best.