Becoming The Employee Everyone Wants

the best employee for your boss

Whether you're new in the office or you're looking for a promotion, being an asset to your company is something you should always strive for. Going the extra mile at work or making an effort to anticipate tasks that are important to your boss will make all the difference. Here are a few ways you can stand out in your workplace.

Be Courteous

This is probably the most basic rule of the workplace, but all too often it's where some people fall short. Being courteous means being conscious of other people's tasks, goals and time. People who are thoughtful get results. If you make an effort to show consideration for others in a way they like to work, it’ll get noticed – favorably.

Be Helpful

Offer to pick up the lunch order. Hold the door for your coworker when she’s struggling with a box of materials. Do the irritating things no one feels like doing. Eventually, the people in your office will feel like they can’t function without you. Often, you’ll earn more responsibilities at this stage, which will broaden your skills (and look pretty sweet on your resume).

Always Keep Working

If you run out of work, don’t start playing games on your phone or flipping through magazines. Be proactive. Go ask if someone else needs help with a project, brainstorm a plan for a neglected area of the business or find yourself a little job, even if it’s just sorting out the junk drawer in the copy room or cleaning the fridge. Always seek to contribute in any way possible. This shows your value to the company and makes you a critical piece in the life of the business. 

Don't Be a Debbie Downer

When you’re having a bad day, it’s perfectly natural to want to vent about it to whoever is nearby. However, try not to do this with your coworkers. Remaining cheerful (but not the scary, it’s-7 a.m.-and you-are-too-awake-to-handle kind) and keeping your personal drama to yourself helps the overall workplace mood stay positive. It’s necessary, especially on Mondays.

Be a Student

If you don’t know how to do a task, Google it! If your boss asks you what you know about Excel spreadsheets and you aren’t familiar with the program, say, “Not much, but I’ll know a lot more tomorrow.” Showing a willingness to learn is an important part of growth, both personally and professionally. It also shows you aren’t afraid to shoulder a new task, rather than shoving it off onto someone else’s workload. That kind of go-getter attitude is a valuable and sought-after characteristic in any workplace.

Following these pointers are also a great way to get your boss to notice you. Your employers are a huge asset. They can make great mentors, and they can pass good feedback on to a potential employer. Through your hard work, you’ll gain not only work experience, but also many people to call on for questions related to your field.

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