Tips For Winning Your First Day At Work


Congrats! You’ve landed a new job, but you’ve got the jitters about your first day. There are a few things that can help to ease the stress of starting your new position, and a little prep time will have you looking like the professional you really are.


Pick out your outfit the night before, and iron any wrinkled clothing. Pack a granola bar and a bottle of water. Have a pen and a notebook. Charge your electronics. Set your alarm. If it’s a longer commute, make sure your gas tank is full. Looking the part and being prepared is half the battle.

On time is late

You should aim to arrive early. This accounts for unexpected traffic, and just helps you feel more relaxed as you begin your workday. If you get there super early, you can even sneak off to the nearest coffee shop and acquaint yourself with the baristas. They may prove as lifesaving as paramedics on some days.

Know the neighborhood

If you can, get to know the area and parking situation beforehand. It will make a huge difference in your morning timetable to know if you have to fight for a spot on the street or just roll into a garage. Also, you don't want to end your first day with a boot on your car.

Introduce yourself

After you actually make it into work, if your boss or supervisor doesn’t automatically introduce you to your new coworkers, make the introduction yourself. It shows confidence, a friendly nature and it will be less awkward when you have to begin working alongside of them if they have at least seen you before. And use these people as a resource—ask them questions and let their general behavior act as your guide until you gain your footing within the company.

Do the “grunt work”

Once you’ve begun working there and understand the workflow, do your best to have a “can-do” attitude. Take on the small jobs that no one else wants to do. Your boss will be pleasantly surprised to find that one annoying task has been taken care of at last and that you were the one to take the initiative and get it done.

Be self-motivated

If you have a skill set that fits the company, make sure to use it to your advantage. When you take the initiative to get something done, it can really impress your boss. Try to anticipate needs by thinking creatively. Those behaviors can garner positive attention from your boss and coworkers.

Ok, you're ready. All you have left to do is eat a healthy breakfast, make a great pump up playlist for your commute and remember they hired you because you're the best person for the job so show them your best.

Career, TipsLora Ghawaly