Five Reasons You Are Stuck In Your Business + How to Get Unstuck


Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in your work or business? We know the signs. You dread diving into work each day, your mind fixates on all the obstacles and problems in your way, and you secretly (or no-so-secretly) wish a fairy godmother would swoop down with the right answer for how to move forward in a way that feels good.

Whatever you are feeling, part of getting out of this rut is understanding the root cause or the reason behind the feeling. Here are a few potential explanations to explore and how to handle them!


1. You might be prioritizing the wrong tasks. Take a hard look at your calendar right now. What exactly is taking up your time, and how intentional are you being with that time? Another issue may be the tasks that are on your to-do list. Are there other folks who some of your to-dos could be going to? The key is to make sure you’re getting value from everything you’re spending time on, even in that block of time with nothing scheduled.

How to handle this: Give yourself room to breathe and reevaluate your schedule. What tasks are you taking on that are not really yours? Keep those on your team responsible for their own work and do not add to your plate. Just because you may feel you can get the job done well or better than they can, does not make it your duty. Stay in your lane and do what you do best, girlfriend.

2. Your mindset might be holding you back. When was the last time you got excited to do work? Can't remember? It’s time for a shift in your mindset. Attitude is everything, and it can contribute to so much at work. If your mindset does not align with your goals or intentions at work, there can be a huge disconnect and your productivity can suffer.

How to handle this: Try daily gratitude or meditation. Find your version of “quiet time” before you get to your desk. Allow your mind to clear out what you have going on inside. Get ready for the day ahead in a calm space that can set you up for success. Look for people in your industry who seem to have this habit down. Follow their work, their tips and see how they stay positive daily. Their energy can certainly rub off of you if you lean into what they are sharing.

3. Your support system may be lacking. It can be a lonely feeling when you are stuck and stagnant in your business, especially if you are an entrepreneur. You start the cycle of self-doubt. You worry that you are not good enough for the work ahead. This thought process can cause you to spiral, so you need to get ahead of it and surround yourself with encouraging people to help bring you up.

How to handle this: Be honest with your friends and loved ones. Let them know what is going on. Tell them how they can help and be supportive. Plan things to do that are not work related. It can give you something to look forward to outside of the office and can help motivate you to get things done so you can be fully present during get-togethers. This is where having the right team around you is crucial. If you have a biz bestie, certainly let them know what is going on. They may be able to relate more than you might assume!

4. Your workspace is a mess. No wonder you can’t get past the clutter in your mind when your space is out of hand. Your environment is a huge factor to your productivity, and you need it to reflect that you are ready to take on the day.

How to handle this: Right now, set a timer for 20 minutes and do a quick pick up of your space. That will get you started. Start to develop a habit of picking up a few things before you wind down each day. Devote a day every two weeks to complete a deep clean. Clear out old papers and reorganize your desktop files.

5. You may not be planning properly for the future. If you are struggling to think beyond Friday, you’ve lost sight of the big picture. Setting intentions, connecting to your great mission, and creating personally motivating goals for yourself can help you get excited about what’s to come. This will get you productive in the present.

How to handle this: Sit down and think about the things you want to accomplish and WHY. Create goals for your month, your quarter and your year. Now with a big picture, create 2-3 action steps per goal that you will execute on a daily or monthly basis. Keep your goals on display at your desk or at home by your closet. It will serve as a consistent reminder and motivator!

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