Unique Ways To Stay Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle

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The struggle is real when it comes to wanting to be healthy and finding the time to make it happen. We know spending time at the gym each day is not always going to be possible so here are some tips to help you get moving!

  • Find more reasons to walk. Park further from your destination. Quit circling the parking lot, park at the back where there's almost always room, and power-walk yourself into Target. You can even make it fun by getting a wearable fitness tracker like Fitbit to set goals and motivate yourself.
  • Eating at your desk is a bad habit and doesn’t truly give you a break. Take your lunch to the courtyard and walk around before sitting back down for the next few hours.
  • When you're at the mall, do a long loop of the main area. Use this time to think about what you actually need, so when you go into the store, you have a plan of attack, a smaller list, and an elevated heart rate.
  • Ditch the elevator. Find the stairs. Bonus: no awkward small talk with chatty strangers.
  • Meal planning is key to eating healthy. Making meals on Sunday for the whole week will not only save you time every morning, but it can deter you from making not-so-healthy decisions.
  • We would never ask you to give up Netflix, but try watching it from the treadmill, not your bed. If you have it on in the living room, do squats or lunges while you catch up on your favorite shows.
  • If the weather is pleasant, meet your friend in the park and take a walk together before heading in for coffee on the weekend. This gives you extra time to spend together while still getting in your exercise. Plus, people who exercise together have a stronger connection.
  • Put together a exercise routine that can be done without equipment. If you have to travel, you can always do planks or lunges in your hotel room.
  • Sometimes, substitute fruit for dessert. Chocolate is a great treat, but a great fruit bowl can curb those cravings too.
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