How to Build Your Sales Funnel


We know building a sales funnel can be super intimidating at first. Don’t let the overwhelm keep you from connecting with your audience and providing them value through your offerings. Below we have broken down the sales funnel into actionable steps, ready to be implemented.

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Create a great landing page

Think of your landing page as the person who runs your business when you’re not there. You want it to be able to communicate to your audience as clearly and concisely on your product or service offerings as you would face to face, in the shortest amount of time. Create a short and powerful intro statement that you can use on your site and social media to become memorable and referrable in your industry. Your visuals, content, and call to action should answer the following questions for your audience: 1. What problem can you solve for them? 2. Through what service or offering do you provide this solution? 3. How can they sign up or purchase aka (Call To Action)?

Present an introductory offer

Introductory offers provide your audience with a snapshot as to what it would be like to follow you, work with you or buy your products. You can think of this as a first date. What aspects of your expertise or special flavor can you showcase to your audience to reel them in? For e-commerce businesses, this can be as simple as a percentage discount on a first purchase. Are you constantly complimented on your productivity hacks? Turn those hacks into a list that your audience can sign up to receive as a digital download. The options are truly endless and yours to infuse with creativity. If you are in need of some inspiration, head over to the sites of some of your own personal brand favorites and see which of their introductory offers resonates most with your brand or which you can put your own unique spin on.

Add great value

The goal of the intro offer and the communication after the intro offer is to add major value so you gain trust and loyalty. Make sure this is grade A+ content. Remember, free doesn’t mean low quality. You want to work just as hard on your intro offers and free content as you would on the services and products that your clients are paying a high premium for. The lower the quality of your communication and offers, the less likely you are to convert your new audience into new customers or clients. And since your service or product ideally solves a problem that your audience has, you want your content to be able to coach and educate them through that problem as clearly as possible as they begin to identify and address it.

Offer an upgrade

What's the next level? The next step? Offer it to your clients once you've given them great value. Upgrades don’t always have to be a brand new product. You can also use them as an opportunity to offer an updated version of an existing product or service. As you grow through experience, you will inevitably find more innovative solutions for your business. Instead of throwing away all of your previous hard work, find a way to build on top of it. Did you start off offering a 5 step program that has now grown to 7 steps with time? Instead of trying to get your existing customers to repurchase, try offering a 2 step upgrade at a prorated price. This will help you continue to build trust with your audience.

Keep it up

Keep adding value, keep finding new people to go through your funnel, and keep tweaking and refining based on your results. The education, offerings and content that you provide your audience are not written in stone and should continue to improve as you gain insight from them on what converts (and what doesn’t). Creating a space for open dialogue with your audience, whether on social media or via a survey, not only makes them feel valued but gives you direct feedback on their wants and needs. You may even find yourself attracting an entirely different audience than you originally targeted.

Whatever you do, don’t get hyper focused on having the perfect sales funnel to the point that you hold off on putting it in place! The bonus of owning your own business is being able to adjust accordingly. All you need to do is take action. You got this!

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