How to Hire Your First Employee


Adding to your one-woman show can be an exciting but scary step. You may be ready to hire someone out of pending burnout, or your company is growing crazy fast - whatever the case, we can help you to make that first hire happen!

How to Hire Your First Employee
  1. Hire for strengths, not skills - Part of finding the perfect team member is seeing the potential for growth and adaptability throughout your time together. Stick with someone who is “coachable” and willing to learn. You want a candidate who has the potential to learn new skills that are in line with your work/industry. It is more important to hire for what they could learn to do rather than a vast background of work.

  2. Test them a bit - Someone may be able to talk the talk during an interview, but make sure they can walk the walk. Send over a sample assignment to review an applicant's skillset or work with them temporarily if they are comfortable with that. You need to ensure that they can do what you need to be done.

  3. Evaluate the culture fit - Even if it is just you in the business, your business still has a company culture. Make sure your potential hire fits into your unique style of work. Consider what a perfect work mate would look like, use this as a guide for your interviews. Initial gut feelings are a great thing to tap into during the beginnings of the hiring process.

  4. Be intentional with your onboarding process - Set up your new hire for success. Help your new team member get adjusted to the new environment while also equipping them with everything they need. Not sure if all of the info they need is there? Test it out on a friend or someone who already isn’t working for your company. You have to think about how your new employee is starting from square one.

  5. Hire as soon as you can - Growth can really only happen when you begin to outsource and optimize your workload. It will give you the time to focus on the important stuff that you are passionate about working on. If you do it right, it is worth every penny.

Take these ideas and get started hunting for the right hire today! Outline your requirements and think of some “bonus” traits that would make a good hire. Get your job description out there and let the applications roll in. Good luck!

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