How To Be More Intentional With Your Life

intentional living

What does your day-to-day life look like?  

There's a good chance you've settled into a fairly monotonous routine. Routines can be beneficial, but sometimes we need to take ourselves off autopilot and start living more intentionally. This means making a real effort to make more of your lifestyle reflect your personal values and long term goals. That kind of life change puts you in the driver's seat, and can re-energize and uplift you in the process.

No matter how stuck you feel, you always have choices to make. Your life is not as rigidly set as it might seem. Your choices can be about little things, like picking a new cereal, or something larger, like the decision to move, because your current apartment or city isn't helping you grow. If working on your side gig by yourself after your regular-hours job depresses you, find a way to change it up. Go to a coffee shop, library, or look into co-working spaces in your city. These are all places where people work on their individual projects in the same space. Watching everyone else hustle might get your own hustle going too, and get you thinking about new ideas.

You also must understand your unique set of talents and skills, and learn how to work with your weaknesses. Try to not beat yourself up when things aren’t going your way. Find mentors and potential teammates who have a skill set different from your own and outsource those tasks. Working with someone who thinks differently can truly benefit you. In that same vein, choose your friendships wisely. They influence how you’re feeling. When you’re trying to branch out on your own business path, you’ll need all the encouragement, understanding and love you can get from these people.

Remember you have our own journey. Don’t compare yourself to the veteran of your field who’s been in the game since you were in the womb. Look up to these people and let their stories inspire and motivate you, but don’t feel down because you’re not there yet. Conquering the world is not a one-step process, and creating your own guide will make you more strategic and successful.

Since we’re on the topic of world domination...if that’s what you’re after, make sure you know why it's important to you and what resources you have to get there. Lock down your goals, and then put in the time and do the legwork. If you haven’t got it all figured out, don’t panic. It will come. Spend time researching and setting small goals for yourself. Keep crossing those items off your to-do list, and you’ll soon be far ahead of the people who only dream and never do.

LifestyleLora Ghawaly