June Downloadable Wallpaper by Haley Grand

haley grand

This is Haley from Haley Grand Designs with your free downloadable wallpaper!

This one comes from something I heard Tiffany Han say once, along the lines of, “If you have your best ideas when you’re in the shower, spend more time in the shower.”

I am all about this. Especially if we’re spending all day at a desk or in front of a computer, it’s difficult to feel creatively inspired or even be in a state that allows your mind to be open to new ideas.

What’s that magic place for you? For me, it’s all the windows open in the apartment, a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and my favorite records on - and no distractions allowed.

Try to identify the places and things that make you feel most alive, present, inspired. It might be a walk in your favorite park, cuddling with your pets, or doing something hands-on and repetitive (crafts, anyone?) that lets you turn off your working brain for a bit.

The hard part? Making an effort to get there more often.

You can do it. It’s where the magic happens, after all. ;)

xo Haley


Haley is a Brooklyn-based designer specializing in hand-lettered type. You can follow her on Instagram here

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