October Downloadable Wallpaper by Haley Grand

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Dear Mavens,

You asked, I delivered. You’re welcome.

Jokes aside, I think we feel this a LOT. It might not be coffee you’re after, but rather something that feels more energizing and actionable than some inspirational quote than has been retweeted twenty thousand times.

We can share all the pretty quotes in the world, but at the end of the day, they’re just pretty quotes. And all the dishes are still stacked up in the sink, and you have 22 unread texts, and everything feels a little more overwhelming than Rumi can handle.

It’s kind of like the point in the romcom when he says, “I’m so sorry,” and she says, “I know you say you’re sorry, but you’re not acting like you’re sorry,” and he says, “I’m so sorry I could grow wings and fly to the moon, catch the most beautiful star in the sky and bring it back to you,” and she says, “Then why are you apologizing over text message?”

They’re just words, and actions always speak louder.

Want to know the truth? The inspiration that you need to take action is likely already inside of you.

No inspirational quotes needed today. :)

xo Haley from Haley Grand


Haley is a Brooklyn-based designer specializing in hand-lettered type. You can follow her on Instagram here

Haley Humiston