Here's How to Persevere With Your Goals

I’ve had a lot of things go right in my life, but I’ve had a lot of times I’ve failed, too.

Right before I started Yes Supply, I had a revelation. I noticed that I had so many projects that I started, and did a lot of research and planning for. Some were websites, some were service-based business, all were something that I was excited about when I came up with the idea. But then it went nowhere.

I thought back to times when I started things and they didn’t work out:

When I was working in retail, I started on an idea I had for an image consulting biz. I built a website, a Facebook page, and a whole action plan for helping clients find the right color and fit of clothing for their body type. And even though I had customers hiring me to help them with their wardrobes, I never launched it… I never told a soul. And so, it didn’t go anywhere.

When I think back, there are other ideas I had for apps, businesses, projects, etc. Sure, I might have scurried home excitedly to write down all the ideas in my head…

But I didn’t make it happen.

I noticed a huge correlation between all these instances. It seems that every time I’ve "failed," it was because I gave up too early. I stopped looking for opportunities. I stopped putting the work in. I didn’t share my idea with the world or look to others for support.

My head was full of thoughts:
What if it doesn’t work out?
What will people think of me starting on something different?
What if I try and fail?
Maybe I don’t have the experience.
What will my employer think?

I know that many of you may feel the same way when you struggle with starting an idea but don't see it through. It's common to struggle with following through, and getting rid of the doubt and fear that surrounds trying something unknown. But, by not going after it, you could face regret down the road.

I did things very differently when I launched Yes Supply. I used techniques that have helped me get more motivated than ever, grow my network, and most importantly, stick to what I said I would do.

Instead of filling my head with questions of fear and doubt, I aske myself:
What if it does work out? What possibilities are there?
What if I can inspire one person to love themselves?
What if I can help one person do something they love?
Who will I become if I follow my intuition? Is it the person I’ve always wanted to be?
What if I don’t do anything? What will my life trajectory look like?
Will doing nothing get me to my two-year or five-year goals?

These questions will definitely get you to think about where you are, and inspire you to take action.

When you think back on things you started on, but didn’t complete, I want to remind you that "failure" is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to learn fast, to change direction and to move forward instead of being stuck in a bad decision. For every project I started but didn’t complete, I learned more about myself, how to do market research, build websites, build an online presence. All of the things I’ve worked and failed through along the way, have helped me launch Yes Supply and I've seen huge changes in my life because of it.

How Can You Pick Up, And Keep At Your Goals?

  • Take an audit of the goals you started but haven’t completed.
  • Ask: Are they worth it? If so, find an accountability partner and get started.
  • Commit just 10 minutes a day to doing one thing for your goal. I started by just committing a few minutes a day towards Yes Supply, and it’s grown so quickly.
  • Adversely: Was that goal that you didn’t complete not worth it? Why? Reflect on what things you have learned from starting this that can be used in the future.
  • Reflect on why you stopped. Was it doubt? Lack of confidence?

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