How To Resign With Class


You got the new job. You can’t stop smiling and giggling and dancing in excitement. Only one thing left to do: resign from your current job. Resigning is hard and nerve wrecking. No matter how you feel about your job, how you leave will stay with you for the rest of your career. Here are a few ways to help you resign with class.  

Give Notice

When I resigned from my job of four years in October, before I even turned in my letter (which we’ll get to soon), I was determined to give my employer the legal and courteous two-weeks notice. You’re going to need the two weeks to do all the formalities like signing out with HR and cleaning your office or cube. Sure, it means you have to be at your job a little longer, but it helps your employer begin the search for your replacement and reassigning workload. Give them that time.

Write the Letter

Writing my letter of resignation was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. It was also very necessary for me to do, for Human Resources purposes and to make the conversation a lot less awkward. You can find templates of a resignation letter, or write a simple one stating the date your resignation is effective (the day you give your letter to your supervisor) and your last official date. It’s also nice to add in some nice, parting words about your experience. This will leave a lasting impression with your supervisor.

Stay til The End

My last two weeks of work were the busiest and most exhausting weeks since I tried to get the job four years ago. I worked my butt off trying to tie up loose ends, pass on projects and send goodbye emails. This alone helped me gain closure in leaving my job. Knowing that I left everything either closed or passed on with all instructions was comforting and definitely boosted my morale during the transition. Don’t slack off during your two weeks. Your coworkers are going to be overwhelmed preparing for your departure, so try to make it a bit easier for them by continuing to do your job.

Leave on a Good Note

While it may be fun to exit the office on your last day blasting “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC, remember that you may need these folks one day. Say goodbye to the folks who helped you and leave on a good note. This doesn’t mean do your ugly cry (like I did, unfortunately) but show your gratitude and do it with professionalism and class. You’ll be remembered as the girl who left fabulously.

CareerAngelique Dyer