The Must-Haves on Your Business Website


Creating a perfect biz website doesn’t have to be complicated. While fancy templates and elaborate designs are great, some basic principles need to be addressed in your site first and foremost. See our top must-haves for your business website below!

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Copy that Converts

While your website visuals shouldn’t be neglected, copy should be a top priority. You need to develop an intentionally written copy that speaks to your audience. Tap into their needs and desires to position yourself as an excellent option for their business. When someone is serious about hiring, they will take the time to review the nitty gritty of your website, so you want to make sure you have the copy you need!


You may talk the talk, but have you walked the walk? Show visitors your credibility through your website. Display logos from places you have been featured or mention your experience through your about page.

Customer Reviews

Highlight your successful experiences through client testimonials or customer reviews. Anything that shows your legitimacy!


Give people a way to contact you directly for next steps. Allow them to book a call with you or submit a form to get things going. Make sure to be timely with your follow up as well. Even if a potential inquiry is not a good fit, don’t leave them hanging.

Call to Action/Conversion

Provide your website visitor with a clear path to where you want them to go. Allow for multiple click-throughs or available options to get to your booking page or to sign up for your latest opt-in. Promote a new product you want to sell or position a new offering that you are excited about sharing. Turn those visitors into buyers by being clear about what you are promoting to them.

Does your website have these items included? If not, start on implementing these must-haves today. Make time in your calendar over the next few weeks to develop these items and get them live on your website.

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