Three Reasons Why Every Professional Woman Should Go On Mastermind Trips

mastermind trip

Last March I decided to throw inhibitions to the wind and go on vacation with two complete strangers I met on the internet. On the surface it is one of the most ridiculous decisions I’ve ever made, but in actuality it was the best possible decision I could have made for my business. The two lovely Instagram-turned-IRL friends I vacationed with were Sarah DeShaw and Emily Wells

That summer we went to Miami, which was a blast, and this year we chose to spend a week in Charleston dining and masterminding. In between visits to Rainbow Row and glasses of wine at Cannon Green, we talked business. Through those conversations I had three realizations about why this continued gathering was so crucial to my success, both personally and professionally. 

Accountability Is Key

Emily, Sarah and I meet up virtually once a month to discuss challenges in our businesses and track our progress on our goals. Without these continued meetings and our trips in-person, I 100% would have put off more than one of my big business goals. When you’re on a mastermind trip, it’s a breeze to brainstorm wonderful ideas for your business, but it’s the actual execution that is challenging.

Anyone can find moments of inspiration or daydream about their business, but putting pen to paper and making good on those dreams takes work. For me, I work best when I know others are expecting progress from me and holding me accountable. I’ve continued to grow, work, and pivot effectively within my business because of the presence of these women.

More Isn’t Always Better

Within minutes of being in Charleston, we all (reluctantly) admitted we had not been consuming as much personal and professional development content as we usually do. When we first vacationed together, we couldn’t stop talking about what we recently read or the podcast we just listened to, and now a year later we seemed to all unknowingly be on a content diet.

Realizing that we were not alone in our information diet gave us each a sigh of relief, and we came to the conclusion that we hadn’t been consuming as much content because we were busy producing our own content. We were confident in our abilities to provide value to our audiences and had developed a sense of clarity in our own brands and messages. We all agreed that trading constant consumption for content creation was a good trade, and that more reading, listening, and researching isn’t always better. 

Don’t Allow Your Business Plan to Hold You Back

When we met in Miami a year ago, Emily and Sarah had wonderful ideas on how to build a business that gave them freedom and time in their lives. At the time, I was too focused and committed to my own business plan to see the value and benefits of the businesses they were designing. Little did I know, I was creating a business model that would require more than I was able to give, which meant something had to give- and it ended up being my physical and emotional health. 

This year, I came to Charleston completely willing to learn how to make Mavenly + Co. work for me rather than making me work 100x harder than I had to for my plan to work. Letting go of the vision you have for a better one isn’t failure, it’s freedom. 

Girl Time Is Important

It’s rare that a trip is both energizing and relaxing, leaving you inspired yet calm and ready to work. That’s what these mastermind trips do for me. Spending time with women who are invested in your success but have an outsider’s view of your business is essential. 

You can hear more about our trip here, and I hope you can find value in a mastermind. 

Kate Gremillion