Three Steps To Embracing Uncertainty

Why are we so uncomfortable with uncertainty?

Change, the very basic and inevitable foundation of our human existence, can be the cause of many sleepless nights, anxiety and fear. Many of us have a strong psychological need to believe that if we plan and work hard enough, we can control exactly what will happen in our personal lives and careers. We form expectations and paint vivid pictures of what our future should look like, and that causes us to feel uneasy when our lives become less than what we expected.

It’s easy to believe that when we are faced with an empty canvas, something is wrong with our plan. We begin to give in to our doubts and panic at life’s mysteries. And while we all struggle with our familiarities and the unknown, it is those who are willing to embrace their uncertain futures and take significant risks that reap the greatest rewards.

To attain extraordinary success, we must learn to continuously evaluate whether we are letting the fear of life’s uncertainties keep us from pushing the boundaries of wondrous possibility. We need to incessantly put fear aside and ask ourselves, what we would do if we were not afraid?

Below are three effective strategies that can help you embrace the ambiguity of your personal life and career.

1. Welcome Failure

Accept that many things are not in your control. Instead of avoiding failure because of the anger, pain and frustration associated with it, look at failure analytically. Analyze what did not work, learn from it, and move forward quickly. The faster you take a positive step forward, the quicker you can leave the emotional trap associated with failing.

2. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

All personal growth is associated with pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. The more you embrace being uncomfortable, the wider your comfort zone becomes. Challenge yourself every week to try something new or face a difficult task you would rather put off. Doing so, will help boost your confidence and provide you with tools for overcoming larger obstacles in the future.

3. Believe In Yourself

Release the need for approval from others. Many times, our discomfort and concern stems from our fear of being judged. We tend to give so much power to what others believe to be true about us that we undermine our own ability to succeed. Get to know yourself and decide what you really want. Accept your imperfections and love yourself unconditionally.

This article by Allyssa Munro was originally posted here on Her Agenda’s website. It is reposted with the permission of the Her Agenda team.

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