Staff Picks: Tunes for Productivity

productivity playlist tunes

Whether you work in an office or a loud coffee shop, having the perfect tunes to accompany your tasks can help the hours pass and raise your productivity level. There are times when you want to listen to a full album or one song on repeat all night, but sometimes you need a carefully selected playlist of songs filled with words (or no words) and beats that keep you chugging along. Thanks to Spotify and other music streaming sites, we now have endless musical possibilities at our finger tips, and these sites can help you find music to match your mood (or the mood you’re trying to achieve) when that second cup of coffee doesn’t do the trick. Here are two playlists compiled by our staff (and friends of our staff) to help you out.  

'Mavenly + Co.: In The Zone' Playlist

Not now, chief! This is a playlist for when you have to really focus. Think intense coding session, design work, lengthy proposal. You can't be bothered with catchy tunes that you know all the words to. You just need something to keep you moving. Warning: It's intense at the beginning and gets more chill toward the end, so fast forward if that's more your speed.

'Mavenly + Co.: Pump Up' Playlist

You're not in the mood. All you can think about is a nap, but you need to get things done. This list is a musical pep talk that will instantly put you in a better mood. Try not to put too many exclamation points in that email to your boss.

Have a suggestion? Put it in the comments, and it can be added to the list.