Elyse Archer

Elyse Archer

Name: Elyse Archer

Twitter or Instagram Handle: @elysearcher

Location: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Personal Brand Strategist, Brand Builders Group

Age: 33

Secretly Obsessed With: Halo Top Ice Cream

On My Nightstand: An Aveda candle, several wealth consciousness books and a lavender-scented eye mask

Last Thing You Read: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

How did you get started on your career path? I actually have a background in sales coaching, and was a Partner in an 8 figure international sales coaching organization prior to my current career. I taught my clients things like closing strategies, objection handling and prospecting techniques. While I loved the work I did, I've always felt that the most powerful way to sell is to build a brand that's so magnetic that you are sought out by your ideal clients for your help and expertise. I personally have experienced the power of building an influential personal brand, growing my sales coaching business from zero to roughly half a million in revenue in three years simply by sharing sales tips via video every week online. Last year I exited the sales coaching company I was a part of and became a founding team member of the company I'm with now, Brand Builders Group. My team and I now help entrepreneurs build and monetize influential personal brands and leave a lasting legacy in the world.

What key elements played into your success? Some of the key elements that have played into my success are: 
- Building a world-class network of incredible people 
- Being generous with the people around me AND with myself (i.e. getting myself the proper support as I build my businesses) 
- Being visible and putting myself out there - building a strong personal brand as an expert in my space has been critical to my success.

What struggles did you face getting to this point: Only about a million! :) 

I've struggled with self doubt, frequent feelings of overwhelm, worries about money... you name it, they've all been there. One of the best books that has helped me reframe any negative, limiting beliefs I've had along the way is called Loving What Is by Byron Katie. It really helps you clear the mental junk and remain focused on what's true and what's good about any situation.

Who was the biggest influence in your professional life? AJ Vaden, the co-founder of the company I am a part of, has been the biggest influence for me. I started working under her at my former company, and she has demonstrated to me so much of what it takes to be successful in business AND at home. She's dynamic, one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, and is also excellent at setting boundaries and letting her yes be yes and her no be no. This is something I've had to learn to do a better job of over the years, and I owe a lot of my improved results to following her example!

When do you feel most successful? I feel most successful when the client I'm working with has a light bulb moment and gets excited about something we've just discovered. Whether it's putting the pieces of the puzzle together for how they are going to build their personal brand, or they are starting to really own their worth and how they deserve to be visible in the world, moments like that absolutely light me up.

What’s the best piece of advice you received? Live each day as if it was your last.

What advice would you give to women looking to enter your industry/space? There is such an opportunity in this space! The key, as Larry Winget says, is to find your uniqueness and exploit it in the service of others. Figure out what is different about you and your service, and promote the heck out of those things! The right clients and dream customers will be drawn to you like a magnet.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? There is not one specific accomplishment, but I've had multiple moments in my life where I've made decisions that felt very scary at the time, stepping away from my known comfort zone and out into a totally new frontier. Examples include I leaving a six figure corporate job to become an entrepreneur, leaving behind everything I knew in my hometown of Raleigh NC to move to Atlanta, and more. Each time the decision didn't seem like the logical choice, but I knew in my gut it was right and I followed my instincts. And sure enough, each time, the blessings and growth that came with making the hard choice were incredible.

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