Peta Kelly


Have you ever been on a specific track, checking each box and crushing your goals, but something just doesn't feel right? Peta Kelly was publishing leading research in the science world and earning her Ph.D. in her early 20s. However, she found that she was no longer inspired or excited. Today, she talks with us about her success, struggles, and accomplishments while forming her new career path. "Take radical responsibility for your alignment and let the world respond to that. You'll have all the energy in the world to create what you want to create, as long as you aren't spending so much of your precious time and energy on trying to control how others perceive you."

Name: Peta Kelly

Instagram Handle: @petajean_

Location: Bondi Beach, Australia and Scottsdale, Arizona

Occupation: Chief Breath Taker: Social Entrepreneur/Speaker/Author/Angel Gifter/Voice for millennials

Age: 29

Secretly Obsessed With: Memes. I'm not sure if there is a more effective method for spiritual healing on Earth right now than some good ol' fashioned, filthy memes.

On My Nightstand: A photo of my Nanna, and stack of books that I'm convinced I read in my sleep like the super psychics in China. That's my story, anyway.

Last Thing You Read: Aside from my own book out loud (recording the audiobook), "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***" and "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." Highly recommend reading both at once for a nice, solid life cleanout.

How did you get started on your career path?

I was studying a Ph.D. in my early twenties, well on my way to becoming Dr. Peta Kelly by the time I was 25. I had kicked a lot of goals in the science world, including having my research published in an international journal. But I got to a point where, every day, I struggled to get excited and inspired. My Soul was screaaaaaming at me like "nuh uh, this is not your path anymore." I was scared because I didn't know anything other than science. But I trusted the signs and leaped. While traveling around Asia with one of my close friends, Jo, she introduced me to some wellness products and a network marketing business model. I loved the products and ignored the business model until about a year later, when I found myself building it effortlessly and organically. Network marketing was like entrepreneur school for me. I learned to lead a large team of millennials (over 60K), speak on stage, manage my time, cast a vision, grow a big, beautiful income, help others succeed, create, serve, lead, and GIVE... just to name a few. I learned what was at the heart of the millennial generation, and I found myself constantly, and without even knowing it, taking their pulse. This led me to define The New Way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give--this new paradigm we were ushering in. I became obsessed with mobilizing the next generation of conscious leaders and creating epic s*** for them--badass events that connected play and the profound, spirituality and money, face painting and Eminem. Now I'm all about lacing play through everything. Play is the missing piece, the vibration that elevates everything we do.

What key elements played into your success?

 1) Trust. Always trusting (insert name for inner guidance here). For me, it's my Soul. I've learned to implicitly trust my quiet, subtle inner voice like my life depends on it. 'Cos I've learned that it does. 
2) Alignment. Always living, speaking, creating in my own alignment and taking radical responsibility for it. Life is tricky enough taking care of our own flow without trying to constantly bend to please other people's ideas of how we should look/talk/be. 
3) Just doing it. I'm quick to act and sometimes this frustrates me because there's lots I don't follow through on. But what I've learned is that being quick to move allows me to be quick to decipher what is a yes or no for me. There is just no such thing as failing. I firmly believe that.

What struggles did you face getting to this point?

1) Outgrowing people. Blunt but true. In the early parts of my journey, I had a very uncomfortable period of outgrowing a lot of my friends. I would never say I grew "better" than them; we just evolved differently. There was actually a lot of online bullying I faced in my early days as an entrepreneur, and it got quite serious and intense. Although challenging and bloody hurtful, it always fueled me even more, and made me even more bold in working towards what I am FOR. 
2) Not burning out. I have been known to have two paces--full out and burned out. My capacity to work is so insane, sometimes I charge way too far ahead of my body. Finding this harmony between PK the human and PK the creator has been one of my biggest struggles. 
3) Focusing. There is SO MUCH epic s*** to be created!! I feel constantly tapped on the shoulder by entities/visions/ideas wanting to be birthed through me and I'm all like "yes yes yes!!!" My challenge has been letting myself be excited about ideas, but not having to birth them all at once. 
4) Hiring. Trusting myself and the energies I feel when hiring, not just what it says on paper. I've made some investments in people that have turned out to be expensive lessons, 'cos they taught me very quickly (and painfully, haha) where I went wrong. I learned to NEVER ever lower your standard for who you have on your team, no matter how big or small it is. Because you can never out-skill alignment.

Who was the biggest influence in your professional life?

 My mentor V. He's been my mentor since I was a little tacker in the entrepreneur world. He's a mix of energy work/strategy/business/everything.

When do you feel most successful?

 When my phone is off, I have zero desire to check notifications and I am 100 percent present with my husband and daughter. Also, when I make time each day to read. Some days that's a luxury so I feel luxuriously successful when I read.

What’s the best piece of advice you received?

 You get to choose. Those four words are etched in every cell of mine. We ALWAYS get to choose.

What advice would you give to women looking to enter your industry/space?

Take radical responsibility for your alignment and let the world respond to that. You'll have all the energy in the world to create what you want to create, as long as you aren't spending so much of your precious time and energy on trying to control how others perceive you. Focus on your flow. The world will respond.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My daughter, Sol, her beautiful home birth and healthy pregnancy. And writing my first book with her in my womb and as a newborn. Looking back, yeah, I'm crazy!! But it was perfectly timed, and there was no greater inspiration to finish my book than holding the next generation in my arms.

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