Meet the mavens

the ladies behind the magic that is Mavenly + Co.


About Our Founders

If there’s one thing Kate and Tallia know to be true, it’s that pursuing the work you want is always worth it. What started out as a blind dinner date in 2014 quickly turned into a lasting friendship rooted in their love for seeing women succeed. With Tallia’s expertise in mindset and career coaching, and Kate’s corporate branding and marketing experience - a dream team was born. After empowering women all across the country to define success on their own terms, they created Mavenly + Co. to help  women go from where they are in their careers to where they truly want to be. 

kate gremillion

Kate Gremillion, Founder + CEO

For Kate, the journey to Mavenly + Co. started in a cubicle that felt more like a coffin. She was working one of those jobs that looked great on paper but didn't feel quite right, and she was determined to find a better fit. For two years she spent every ounce of her free time talking to successful women and discovering what makes amazing work and amazing businesses, and she knew she had to share what she learned.

With a background in branding and public relations, she works with women to help them communicate their value and build brands that reflect theirs goals, strengths, and skills. Many refer to her as 'the human version of The Skimm' - someone who takes a seemingly complicated story with many elements and makes it relatable and easy to understand - and we think it fits.  In a former life she's worked with brands including The OWN Network, Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign, and Dish Network, and she teaches digital storytelling and podcasting as an adjunct professor at Loyola University.

She's the host of the Women, Work, and Worth podcast on iTunes, and she's most frequently seen with a cappuccino in hand behind an iMac computer. 


tallia Deljou, co-founder + President

As our chief in-house career coach, Tallia made her way to Mavenly + Co. after pursuing a Master's degree in Positive Organizational Psychology. For her, it all started with a book called Flow by Dr. Csikszentmihalyi. She was immediately filled with questions about what enables people to thrive in their work. After getting answers based in research and science, she joined Kate to help women thrive in their careers.

She's coached women from all around the world, from startup founders to senior level executives, helping them know their worth and take their careers to the next level using a strength-based approach that emphasizes the importance of mindset. Her unique ability to uncover people's strengths and help them move beyond their fears truly sets her apart, and nothing gives her more joy than seeing her clients go after what they truly want.

If she's not cheering on her clients' successes, you can find her busting a move in her weekly hip hop class or finding a quiet space to meditate. It's all about balance, right?