Work That Works For Everyone

We've all read the articles and heard the reports: millennials are disengaged, entitled, and uncommitted to their organizations, with unrealistic expectations around pay and vacation time. Well, what if there was a way to enhance engagement and build trust with millennials without bigger paychecks and more vacation time? We're here to tell you it's possible, and it starts by understanding what's going on in the millennial mindset.

The good news is the majority of young employees don't want bigger salaries or more time off, but they do want to feel connected to your mission and core values. They want to have a sense of ownership over their work and provide tangible value to the people they work for on a daily basis, which sounds like a win-win to us. The bottom line is when you invest in understanding your millennials, you're actually investing in your bottom line. When you cultivate a company culture rooted in a sense of purpose, everyone wins. Oh, and Gallup agrees.

We know that understanding the millennial mindset can be tough. That's why we're here to help using an evidence-based approach grounded in principles of organizational psychology. Together, we'll assess the challenges your organization is facing and figure out exactly how to tap into the potential of the millennial workforce. Let us support you in attracting, engaging, and retaining your best talent to make your workplace work for everyone. 

On-Site Trainings

As millennials are increasingly looking for purpose in their work and seeking development opportunities, it is important to bridge the gap and build a strong culture that speaks to how millennials want to work and live in the rapidly changing nature of today's workplace. Our on-site trainings speak to the wants and needs of young professionals, seeking to enhance engagement and develop talent in ways that will benefit your organization as a whole.

Our training topics include:

  • Managing the Millennial Mindset: Understanding What Millennials Need in Work + Life
  • Discovering Strengths: Optimizing Your Talent
  • Preventing Burnout: Building Intentional Habits for Success
  • Building Connections: Identifying Mentors for Millennials
  • Motivating Millennials: Cultivating A Self-Starter Mindset
  • Working for Your 'Why': Leading With Your Mission in Mind

Off-Site Retreats

Company retreats can be a game-changing milestones that redefine teams, inspire top and emerging leaders, motivate employees through mission, and position organizations to take action on their goals confidently and successfully. Imagine your next strategic meeting with a clearly defined purpose, free of distractions, effectively executed and encouraging creative participation that is engaging and disciplined.

Our off-site retreats give team members the tools to tie their personal values to the mission of the company and leverage their strengths to best serve the needs of the business. Our retreats allow employees to come together and connect in a small and safe group setting to support, teach, and learn from each other.

Ultimately, our retreats provide a relaxed setting for growth in which your employees can feel free to explore their best selves, their personal challenges, and their ambitions. 

Corporate Coaching Programs

In order for your company to grow, the individuals that make up the organization must first be given the opportunity to grow. It is only then that your employees will take ownership over their work and take your business to the next level.

Our eight-week corporate coaching program provides your employees with individualized coaching curriculums based on their particular strengths, values, priorities, challenges and opportunities.  This gives employees the opportunity to understand how their work contributes to a larger mission and drives the company forward.

Each program is customized to your organization's specific needs and aims to support the optimal work experience to ensure individuals grow, develop their strengths, and reach their potential. By designing a personalized road map to success, each individual who goes through the program will be able to set specific, measurable goals, identify resources to support them through their career, and seek out opportunities that align with your purpose.

Coaching with Mavenly + Co. allowed me to break away from the insecurities preventing me from succeeding in my job and my life. Throughout coaching, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses while appreciating those weaknesses and not seeing them as a negative aspect to who I am. I was able to regain my confidence and sense of self, and ultimately appreciate my work. We need more skilled coaches in the workplace like the ladies of Mavenly + Co!
— Lindsay H.
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