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Course Creation + launch Package

share your expertise + make money anywhere

Imagine being on vacation or at a family gathering and getting an alert that you just made $175 or $1,250 from someone purchasing your online course.

That's what happened for us, and it can happen for you too.

All too often we see business owners spending more time, more energy, and more money on their business than they need to without getting much in return. We believe owning a business should mean more freedom, more flexibility, more revenue, and more sharing your unique expertise with the world on a large scale. 

After creating our first online course in three months, we made $8,500 in one month. $8,500 and all the work was already done. We didn't have to do anything! Now that's freedom.

It's time for you to share your expertise with your audience in a way that is impactful while regaining your time, energy, and freedom. Let's do it together. 

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the Process

planning phase

  • Validate course topic + subject matter 

  • Outline the best format, length, and platform for the course

  • Outline course pricing

  • Outline course content

creation phase

  • Draft Copy for Course

  • Record Content for Course

  • Create Supplemental Materials

  • Edit + Review Content

  • Design + Upload Content to Platform

  • Build Sales Pages + Landing Pages

  • Build Affiliate Program

  • Build Discount Codes

  • Connect Course to Payment Processor 

launch phase

  • Build Free Promotonial Download

  • Build Sales Funnel

  • Follow Outlined PR Plan

  • Create Promotional Content

  • Provide Early Discounts

  • Seek Endorsements from Industry Experts

the Timeline

Each phase of course building is completed in one month, which means we will take you from start to finish in three months. During the creation phase, we will schedule a four-day in-person intensive to create all recorded content for the course. All other elements will be completed remotely. 

the Investment

The total investment for this package is $15,000. Because this is a new package for us, we are offering it for a limited time for 40% off making the total investment $9,000. We offer payment plans of $3,000/month for three months.