Tools For A Career + Life With Intention

Our worksheets + resources are designed to give you the tools you need to design a career with purpose. Enjoy!

gratitude journal

Daily Gratitude Worksheet

We are what we repeatedly do. This means if we practice gratitude and intention-setting every day, we will become grateful and intentional people. Sounds great! But how? 

This worksheet walks you through short prompts to cultivate the habit of gratitude on a daily basis. Download it now by subscribing below!

monthly budget

Monthly Budget Worksheet

We want you to make that money, honey. A key component of having and saving money? Learning how to budget wisely. Seeing your finances all in one place gives you clarity and confidence to make smart decisions.

This worksheet walks you through budgeting on a monthly basis based on your income and expenses. Download it now by subscribing below!

interview questions

Informational Interview Worksheet

First impressions are important. They are EXTRA important if you're connecting with someone to discuss career aspirations. 

This worksheet briefly outlines the purpose of an informational interview and lists a few good questions to get the conversation flowing. Download it now by subscribing below!

success meditation

Guided Success Meditation

 It's been said that success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. A big part of achieving success is having the mindset and clarity to move forward in your personal and professional path. 

This guided meditation will support you in developing the right mindset for success. Download it now by subscribing below!

negotiation cheat sheet

Negotiation Cheat Sheet

Does even the thought of negotiating make your stomach sick? We get it. Here are a few conversation hacks you can use next time in you are in a negotiation situation that will make you more confident and clear. 

Download it now by subscribing below!

time tracker mavenly

Time Tracker Worksheet

The saying goes 'what you do today is important because you are trading a day of your life for it.' This time tracker worksheet will give you a real picture of how you spend your time every day. The question to ask is 'are the things filling up your day aligned with your values, strengths, and priorities?' 

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you at your best career assessment

Strengths Feedback Report

The You At Your Best Feedback Report seeks to highlight your strengths so you can build confidence, find clarity, and take control over your own growth and development. The report gathers feedback from people in your life like family, friends, and colleagues who’ve seen you at your best, giving you an outside perspective that proves to be invaluable. 

The real impact of the report comes in how you apply your results. There are many ways to use the feedback you gather from your report, such as:

  • Setting performance goals for yourself based on your strengths
  • Making changes to your work in order to feel more engaged
  • Considering opportunities to explore based on what you’ve learned about yourself
  •  Building confidence to take more ownership over your responsibilities and decisions
  • Writing a cover letter to communicate your strengths beyond your resume
  • Articulating your unique value in an interview setting

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