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Fall Retreat Schedule 

Note: The schedule is subject to change as we like to be flexible given the needs and desires of the group!

Friday: A Road to Self-Discovery

9:00am Optional hike/yoga for those who arrive early on Thursday evening
11:00am Official Start: Mavenly Philosophy + Agenda
11:30am Introductions + Expectations
12:00pm Lunch
1:15pm Group breakouts
2:00pm Your Values in Action
3:30pm Your Strengths in Action
5:30pm: Distinguishing Yourself
7:00pm: Dinner
8:30pm: Group meditation + Fireside

Saturday: Designing a Career & Life with Purpose

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Your Priorities in Action
10:00am Life Audit + Day Design
11:00am Hike
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Creating Connections + Optimizing Your Network
2:00pm Rethinking Negotiation as a Woman
3:00pm Self-Coaching Model: Taking Control
3:30pm Habits + Grounding Rituals
4:30pm One-on-one time
7:00pm Dinner
8:30pm Fireside

Sunday: Achieving Success

8:30am Morning yoga + meditation
9:15am Breakfast
10:00am Bringing it All Together: Next steps
11:00am Closing Activity
12:00pm Departures