WOmen, Work, and Worth Conference: SPeaker Agreement


This agreement made between Mavenly LLC and the speaker or panelist denoted below, whereas the following will take place:

  • The Speaker or Panelist will attend and participate in the Women, Work, and Worth Conference on July 28, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Speaker or Panelist will arrive at minimum one hour before their designated panel discussion or keynote. 
  • The Speaker or Panelist will promote their participation in the Women, Work, and Worth Conference in a minimum of two social media posts. Mavenly LLC will provide resources and materials necessary for promotion.
  • The Speaker or Panelist will provide the conference coordinator with a high resolution photo and fill out the Speaker Intake Form sent to them via email.
  • The Speaker or Panelist will bring a sufficient number of materials or handouts to be distributed during the presentation, if necessary. Mavenly LLC will not be able to make copies or store items in advance.
  • The Speaker or Panelist acknowledges that the event will be recorded for distribution post-event.


In exchange for their participation the speaker will receive:

  • The opportunity to promote or sell any products or services of their choosing during and after the conference
  • A minimum of two posts promoting the speaker on Mavenly LLC's social media channels
  • Breakfast and lunch on the day of the Women, Work, and Worth Conference


I understand and agree to the above terms. If for any reason Mavenly LLC believes that I am not properly carrying out my duties for the event, Mavenly LLC has the right to not provide the above items.

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